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What kind of computer access is available? 

The library currently offers 22 computer workstations. Ten are located in the Library Commons, six are located on the upper level, and six are located on the main floor.  The computers offer access to the library’s online resources, internet access, as well as access to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other productivity software.

Laptop and mobile users can connect to the Newberry College Wi-fi network; however signal strength varies within the library.

Can I save my documents to the library’s computers?

No, you may not save documents to the library’s computers. All students are provided with a Microsoft OneDrive account (cloud-based storage) free of charge. You can also save your documents to a USB flash drive, other cloud-based storage, like Google Drive or Dropbox, or email them to yourself.

The library’s computers reboot after 20 minutes of inactivity, and all documents or files saved to the computers are deleted. These files cannot be retrieved.

Information on accessing OneDrive is available on WolfDen or at the Office of Campus Technology.

USB Flash Drives are available for sale at the College’s bookstore, as well as many retail stores. The library has a few flash drives available for temporary use within the library.

How do I print in the library?

Students can print from one of the library’s computers or from a laptop or other mobile device. There are two printers located on the main floor of the library. These are multi-function machines that also copy and scan documents. Instructions for printing, copying, and scanning are posted on the wall near the printers.  A current, valid ID is required for printing.

Printing from the library’s computers is the easiest because they are directly connected to the College’s print server.

To print from one of the library’s computers, do the following:

* Open the document you wish to print and choose the Print command

* The Print assistant will appear, asking for your Student ID number and password.

* Enter your ID number in the appropriate box.

* No password is required.

* Click OK.

* Retrieve your print job from one of the library’s printers

* If your ID number is not recognized by the Print Assistant, you will need to visit the Office of Campus Technology in Wright Hall to have your number added to the print server.

To print from a laptop or mobile device, do the following:

* Attach the document you wish to print to an email from your account (only this account will work)

* Send the email to

* You will receive a confirmation email when your document is available

* Retrieve your print job from one of the library’s printers

* PLEASE NOTE: Some file types cannot be sent through this method, including .html, and documents created by Apple’s Pages. For Apple Pages users, convert your document to PDF or Word compatible file format before attaching to the email. This should not be necessary for Apple’s Office for Mac files. See a librarian for assistance.

Does it cost to print, scan, or copy in the library?

The cost of printing and copying is determined by the Newberry College Copy and Print Program and Policy. A copy of this policy is available at the Library’s Front Desk.

Students are allotted 150 pages per semester. Pages printed or copied beyond 150 pages are priced as follows:

  Single-sided Double-sided
Black and white 5 cents 4.5 cents
Color 25 cents 24 cents

Scanning is free.

The staff of Wessels Library cannot accept payment for printing or copies and cannot access a student’s financial account.

All questions or disputes regarding the status of your printing allotment or print costs should be referred to the College’s Accounting Office.

Does the library have a fax machine?

No. The library does not have a fax machine; however, many places accept scanned documents in lieu of faxed documents. Ask the recipient whether a scanned document is acceptable.