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What are course reserves?

Course Reserves are books, articles, and other items placed at the library by a faculty member for class use.  They are located at the front desk. 

Reserve items have a limited check-out period, usually 2 hours, and cannot leave the library.  

Reserve items may include: 

  • Library-owned books and DVDs
  • Faculty-owned materials 
  • Articles (print or online) 
  • Book chapters (print or online) 
  • Sample papers or tests 

How do I check out a reserve? 

Ask for the reserve item at the front desk.  If you don't know the title, provide the name of your professor or course, and we can figure it out.   You will need your current ID to check out reserve items.  Your ID will be held at the front desk while you use the reserve item.

You can see a list of everything the library currently has on reserve from the link below: