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Wessels Library - Welcome

1. How many books may a student borrow?

Students can borrow 5 books at a time for 21 days and then renew them for another 21 days.

2. Does the Library have movies? 

Yes, the cases are located on the top floor of the library and may be checked out for 5 days at a time with no renewals.

3. Can students check out reference books or magazines?

No, these materials stay in the library for patron use.

4. Does the Library have any popular fiction?

Yes, our Recreational Reading section is located on the main floor of the library, to the left of the Circulation desk.

5. Are cell phones allowed in the Library?

Yes, so long as they are on silent and phonecalls are taken outside of the library.

6. Are students allowed to have food and drink in the Library?

Food is not permitted in the library.

7. Is the Library open during student breaks?

Occasionally, the library will open during the day during student breaks. Hours are updated regularly,  so be sure to check the library website.

8. Does the Library have any study rooms?

Currently, there are no study rooms available. 

9. Are there computers in the Library?

Yes, we have a total of 18 computers in Wessels. Headphones are required for listening to music or watch videos. 

10. What if research leads the student to items at other libraries?

If Wessels does not carry a book a student needs, staff and librarians can help arrange 

11. Can students use the Library’s e-books from home?


12. Are masks required when in the library?