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HISTORY-Research Tips: Welcome

Best Bets for History


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Useful Tips

For biography databases, use these helpful tips: 

  • Last name first -
    • parks, rosa
    • braun, eva 
  • Biography In Context and Biography Reference Center each have a person search.  You can limit by occupation, gender, nationality and more.
    • Example:  civil rights activist and female 
    • Example:  holocaust rescuer and female 

For searching the catalog and databases , use these helpful tips: 

Consider adding terms together or using quotation marks:  

  • "Reign of Terror"
  • "Revolutionary Tribunal" and France
  • "san-culottes"
  • "public safety"and revolution and France
  • Rousseau and "French Revolution"
  • "Industrial Revolution" and Europe
  • Ropespierre

Consider adding terms together:  

  • ​vietnam war and causes
  • vietnam war and effects 
  • vietnam war and international relations
  • vietnam war and international politics 
  • vietnam war and propaganda 
  • chicago seven and vietnam war 
  • buddhist protests and diem 
  • vietnamese conflict 

Experiment by searching subjects first, rather than keywords.


One Search provides one stop searching for books and e-books, articles, DVDs, and more.

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