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Creating a Better Atmosphere (Guidelines for Students)

  • Respect everyone
  • Silence your cell phone
  • Use inside voices
  • Use earphones for any electronic devices
  • Take all phone calls outside
  • Clean up after yourself
  • Charge the electronic door by pulling/pushing it open
  • Never use any tobacco products in the library, including all forms of vaping.

Student Services

Plagiarism is using someone's words, thoughts, or ideas without giving credit to the author. Plagiarism is a serious academic offense and easily avoided. Here are some helpful resources to help you better understand plagiarism. When in doubt about how to cite a source, ask for help.

Faculty Services

What Is Affordable Learning?

Affordable Learning Resources are quality, low- or no-cost educational resources that encourage student success while lowering student costs.  These resources include library-licensed resources, Open Educational Resources, and items freely available or in the public domain on the web.

Please visit the Affordable Learning Resources Guide for more information.